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114: Real Talk About REI with Ralph Reahard

113: The Key Is Implementation w/ Scott Brady

111: Space Shuttles, Sony + Systems w/ Ben Sencenbaugh

110: Scaling to 500 Doors w/ DD Lee

108: The Business of Moment-Making with Andrew Smallwood

106: Leading From The Front with John Bradford

105: Pies, People and Profit with Jennifer Stoops

104: Feds, Fraud and Fortune w/ Clay Lehman

102: How to Audit Your Internal PM Systems

Jordan discusses the PM Systems Conference with Paul Kankowski.

101: We Secret Shopped You w/ Mike and Dylan

Mike and Dylan talk about their new book "We Secret Shopped You" and what it says about the state of sales in property management.

100: Riding in Rough Waters w/ Ray Hespen

Raymond and Jordan riff on the state of the industry, growth challenges and everything in between. 

99: Systems, Success and Seminars with Paul Kankowski

Get ready as Paul and Jordan dig into the main idea behind his seminars on making systems successful within your business.

98: Learning from a Doorpreneur with Tony LeBlanc Pt 2

Tony LeBlanc is an entrepreneur who has started over 10 successful businesses, including maintenance lawn care and many others, though his real passion is teaching.

97: Learning from a Doorpreneur with Tony LeBlanc Pt 1

Tony LeBlanc is an entrepreneur who has started over 10 successful businesses, including maintenance lawn care and many others, though his real passion is teaching. ...

96: Leadership is Listening

Today Jordan discusses the importance of listening to your team, selecting exemplary team members and the power that collaboration can have. Leadership is the foundati...

95: The Power of No

Today we’re talking about why so many business owners are struggling because their give their business too much access to their time and attention and how that prevent...

94: Fighting the Institutional Imperative

Today, Jordan discusses how to break free from the Institutional Imperative that can envelope the entrepreneur.

93: Why You Must Own the Outcome

Today, Jordan goes over his personal philosophy while detailing the dos and do-nots of growth.

92: Your Leads are Not Your Growth Strategy

Today, Jordan unpacks why your growth strategy is way bigger than where you get your leads from.

91: Growing Potential with Michael Krause

Today I am interviewing Michael Krause of Atrium Management. Michael has managed over 15,000 units across 22 states in his 14 years of property management. He has a...

90: Short Term Property Rental with Alex Nigg

Today I’m interviewing Alex Nigg of Properly. Properly is a company dedicated to providing the tools and people necessary for short term rental property management....

89: Building and Growing Empire Industries

Today I’m interviewing Steve Rozenberg and Pete Neubig of Empire Industries. Empire Industries was cofounded by Steve and Pete out of necessity for their own invest...

88: How is the Relationship Between Tech and Real Estate Changing?

Joseph started out in real estate at the age of 14, and has continued to grow his business from there. In 2008 Joseph joined TX Governor Perry’s office to manage milli...

Running a Successful PM Software Company

Today I’m interviewing Ray Hespen, CEO and Co-founder with David Kingman of Property Meld in Rapid City, South Dakota. A company that specializes in solving problems w...

86: Transition: Alex Osenenko on leaving FourandHalf

Today I’m talking with Alex Osenenko formerly of FourandHalf. Alex Osenenko, the former CEO of Four and a Half, joins me tonight in a farewell address the night prior...

85: Using a Remote Team to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Dan Butler was a real estate investor, but wanted better management for his properties. So he teamed up with Douglas Skipworth to cofound CrestCore Realty. 

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