197: Building a Property Management Legacy: Taylor Haas's Journey

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In this insightful episode of the Profitable Property Management Podcast, Jordan interviews Taylor Haas, the current Director of Operations at leading property management company Colorado Realty & Property Management. Taylor shares her journey from starting as a receptionist to climbing the ranks to a top leadership position, overcoming challenges, and driving innovation and growth within the company.

00:00:06 Introduction of Taylor Haas
00:00:25 Taylor's transition from receptionist to Director of Operations
00:01:33 Overcoming nepotism and earning her role
00:03:18 The secret behind the company's success
00:05:06 Daily responsibilities and innovation in operations
00:06:15 Communication and empathy as core policies
00:09:03 Handling staff feedback and improving processes
00:11:04 Performance reviews and maintaining high standards
00:13:01 Addressing noncompliance and nonperformance
00:15:34 Market dynamics and adjusting business strategies
00:19:34 Future aspirations for the business and personal growth

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197: Building a Property Management Legacy: Taylor Haas's Journey
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