183: Process Automation For the Masses w/ Todd Ortscheid

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In this episode of Profitable Property Management, Jordan interviews Todd Ortscheid, property management expert and consultant. They discuss Todd's journey in the industry, best practices for systematizing and automating property management processes, hiring and managing staff, industry trends, and more.
Key Topics Discussed:
  • Todd's background and transition into consulting
  • The benefits and challenges of consulting
  • Qualifying good consulting clients
  • The hours required to build efficient processes
  • Property management software options
  • Integrations for automation
  • Getting team buy-in on using systems
  • Creating effective processes and checklists
  • Gathering staff feedback on processes
  • Setting client expectations for automation
  • Hiring slowly and firing quickly
  • Personality testing for putting people in the right roles
  • Handling difficult conversations and conflict
  • Maintaining community and transparency as the industry grows

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Key Moments:
4:34 - Trying different systems before landing on LeadSimple
21:05 - Estimating hours required to build efficient processes
37:58 - The importance of personality testing in hiring
44:43 - Valuing honesty and authenticity in business
48:13 - The potential impact of creating industry standards

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183: Process Automation For the Masses w/ Todd Ortscheid
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