201: Balancing Profitability & Passion: Sarah Hatch's Formula for Success

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In this episode, Jordan interviews Sarah Hatch, the Founder and Owner of Hatch Property Management and Sales. Sarah shares her journey into property management, from construction & hands-on work to owning & operating her own business. She discusses her experience in commercial property management and her transition to residential property management after having her first child. Sarah also talks about the unique challenges of managing properties for military and state department clients in the Washington D.C. area.

Key Moments
[00:00:46] Sarah's background and how she got into property management
[00:07:59] Why Sarah chose to manage residential properties despite her commercial background
[00:10:37] Sarah's business size: 200 doors and 15 employees
[00:17:18] Sarah's goals for 2024, including creating a video library for maintenance troubleshooting
[00:22:31] An example of effective troubleshooting that saved an owner money
[00:31:28] How Sarah prioritizes resident experience and builds a sense of community
[00:40:57] An example of Sarah's team supporting one another during a difficult time
[00:45:06] Sarah's approach to dealing with difficult tenants and evictions

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201: Balancing Profitability & Passion: Sarah Hatch's Formula for Success
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