185: How to Think About Growth Strategies in PM

Welcome Closers,
In this episode of the Profitable Property Management Podcast, hosts Jordan Muela and Jeremy Pound discuss strategies for driving growth in the residential property management industry. They cover topics like lead generation, forecasting, goal-setting, and investing in company culture.

  • Lead generation strategies: inbound, outbound, referral marketing
  • Setting realistic yet ambitious growth goals
  • The importance of forecasting and goal-setting
  • Investing in company culture and employees
  • Celebrating top operators in the industry
  • Removing friction to enable creation and growth
Jeremy Pound - Sales coach and co-founder of RentScale and This Week in Property Management

Key Moments:
  • The importance of enjoying the sales and marketing strategies you pursue based on your strengths and temperament (12:25)
  • Leaning financially into growth goals and ambitions (20:04)
  • Mastermind groups forming among roles like operations managers and maintenance coordinators (33:07)
  • Setting growth goals based on how much "strain" you are willing to take on (39:18)
  • Origins of Jeremy's idea for a property management magazine (43:15)
  • How to subscribe to the Strategic Property Management magazine and podcast (49:54)

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185: How to Think About Growth Strategies in PM
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