196: The Allison DiSarro Approach: Why Banking With A Personal Touch Matters

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Join us in this insightful episode of the Profitable Property Management Podcast as host Jordan Muela speaks with Allison DiSarro from Enterprise Bank & Trust. Dive deep into the significance of building connections in banking, how Allison's unique approach to property management banking sets her apart, and the impact of empathy on client relationships in business.

00:00:00 - Introduction to Allison DiSarro and the theme of relational banking.
00:01:03 - The uncommon nature of personal relationships in banking.
00:10:14 - Evolution of banking services for property management.
00:15:17 - The critical role of compliance and trust account management.
00:24:21 - Navigating the challenges and opportunities of the PPP loans.
00:34:32 - The importance of specializing and knowing your niche.
00:43:10 - Final thoughts and advice for the younger self

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196: The Allison DiSarro Approach: Why Banking With A Personal Touch Matters
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