191: The Future of Rental Applications With Grace Doering

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Grace from Findigs joins host Jordan to discuss improving the rental application experience. They cover Grace's background, what attracted her to startups and proptech, problems with historical rental applications, and how Findigs is addressing those issues.
00:00 - Introductions
00:22 - Grace discusses her background and what inspired her to join Findigs
02:00 - Grace talks about what she loves about startups
03:28 - Discussion of early startup team members needing to be comfortable with uncertainty
05:00 - Comparing companies as families vs. sports teams
07:38 - Importance of trust between departments at startups
09:55 - Grace explains problems she experienced with rental applications
17:05 - Grace talks about the type of startups she is attracted to long-term
18:15 - Discussion of problems with historical rental applications
22:34 - Why solutions like Findigs are appearing now
25:39 - Findigs analysis to prevent fraudulent documents
31:36 - Direct integrations Findigs has with property management software
With rental applications being a renter's first impression of a property company, Findigs aims to make the process easy, transparent and secure for applicants. Tune in to hear Grace's insights on the future of rental apps!
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191: The Future of Rental Applications With Grace Doering
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