About Jordan Muela

TLDR: I’ve been in the property management industry for +10 years. Currently, I’m CEO of LeadSimple & Co-founder of ProfitCoach. This podcast is dedicated to the property management entrepreneurs that refuse to settle in life & business.

2007 – I got my start in the property management industry working for a venture backed HOA company called RealManage. Great product, wrong market, or at least wrong timing.

2008 – I jumped from HOA management over to SFH when I started a lead gen service called Manage My Property. It was a great business that allowed us to deliver over +100,000 leads to thousands of property management companies. Much of it’s success was thanks to the property management hiring guide I wrote that has generated over +1 million pageviews.

MMP hit a giant speed bump in 2011 when google rolled out some aggressive updates to it’s search algorithm. And that’s when I realized I didn’t want to build a business almost entirely reliant on Google.

2012LeadSimple is born. We launched our pm sales course shortly thereafter.

One of the most rewarding parts of building LeadSimple has been digging far deeper into the inner workings, and non-workings, of our clients property management companies.

We’ve gone from making surface level diagnosis, to spending hours pouring over P&L’s in search of how to help our clients grow and squeeze more profit out of ever dollar.

2016PM Grow Summit. > One evening at the bar during the Broker / Owner conference I casually mention the idea of hosting a conference to my friend Alex. Rather than letting the idea pass, he starts scheduling a planning call. Several hundred planning calls later we launched the premier event for property management entrepreneurs.

The hours and hours agonizing over the speakers, program and venue werel worth it to be able to put on what was bare none the best event in the industry. I was humbled to hear one attendee say, “It felt like a TED conference for the property management industry. It was a fantastic opportunity.”

2017Profitable Property Management Podcast - After hosting a series of popular live interviews, I knew it was time to go pro and launch a full blown podcast. Every interview I try to go as deep as possible, behind the truisms and generalities to uncover the real drivers of growth and success. All meat, no fluff. If you hear something you disagree with, write in. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I am hell bent on searching them out and bringing my listeners along for the ride.

2018 – We launched our sister company ProfitCoach and after roughly 1,500 hours of effort, we released the industries first financial bench-marking study which had a profound impact on the industries understanding of financial performance. This lead to ProfitCoach being asked by the National Association of Residential Property Managers to develop a national accounting standard for the residential property management industry.

2019RentScale > After years of doing informal sales consulting, I launched another company to take pm sales to the next level and RentScale was born. Launched the Tribe Mastermind Podcast.

2020 – Stepped back into the full time CEO role at LeadSimple to take our workflow platform to market. Exited PM Grow > Full retrospective here

2021 – Hiked the Grand Canyon to raise Charity for OUR, exited RentScale and started a newsletter.

2022 – ProfitCoach authored an updated industry financial benchmarking study on behalf of NARPM. LeadSimple released a unified inbox and integrations with Buildium and AppFolio

2023 – Launched LSU LeadSimple University and convened with 100 of the sharpest operators in the game to tackle hard operational problems.

2024 – Exited ProfitCoach > full retrospective here.

Here’s the bottom line: My mission is helping people become and achieve more than they think possible. The canvas I'm painting on is helping independant property management entrepreneurs build profitable and satisfying organizations.


Since you made it all the way to the end of this bio I want to give you a gift >>> Click here to download the original 255 slide deck I used during my 2016 NARPM national talk: "Growth Machine: How to Build a Repeatable, Scaleable and Explosive Property Management Business".

How to Reach Me:

If your business isn’t growing as fast as you know it can, I can help.

Just shoot me an email ( jordan at leadsimple.com ) with some insights into your business, and I’ll help you decide the best path for you to take:

  • What do things look like today for your business? What are your main sources of traffic? Do you engage in any active marketing?
  • What have you tried in the past that didn’t work? What did work?
  • What does your business need to look like to give you the life you want?
  • What is holding you back?
  • Even if you just want to talk sales, marketing, profitability, or anything in-between, my door is open.
  • And if you are in Austin and want to talk, I’d love to buy you a beer (aka Shiner Bock).
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