187:Getting to Stable at 700 doors: How Luke Street Transformed His Business

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In this episode of the Profitable Property Management Podcast, host Jordan sits down with Luke Street to discuss his background and experiences in the property management industry. They talk about Luke's journey into property management, his decision to transition away from short-term rentals to focus on long-term rentals, optimizing his business for profitability and quality of life, the role of technology and integrations, and his vision for the future of his business.

Topics Discussed:
  • Getting into property management after college during the 2008 financial crisis
  • Purchasing a property management company during the BP oil spill payouts
  • Growing to 700 doors then transitioning to focus on quality over quantity
  • Shifting to long-term rentals and away from short-term due to burnout
  • Utilizing technology like Rent Manager to increase efficiency
  • Achieving work-life balance with a 40 hour work week
  • Aiming to get the business to 1,000 doors then step back
  • Defining success based on profitability and purpose rather than rapid growth

Resources Mentioned:
Main Street Property Management Group - https://www.forrentpensacola.com
Rent Manager - https://www.rentmanager.com
Profit Coach business consulting - https://www.pmprofitcoach.com
LeadSimple - https://www.leadsimple.com

Key Moments:
15:42 - On shifting focus from door count to profitability per door
23:49 - On achieving work-life balance through efficiency
31:10 - On Rent Manager's integrations capabilities
38:09 - On wish he had focused on client quality from the very beginning
41:00 - On business goals of getting to 1,000 doors then pulling back
43:04 - On not projecting one's own goals and definition of success onto others

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187:Getting to Stable at 700 doors: How Luke Street Transformed His Business
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