198: Building A Powerhouse Brand with Gwenn Aspen

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In this insightful episode of the Profitable Property Management Podcast, host Jordan Muela sits down with property management entrepreneur Gwenn Aspen, CEO Of Anequim, to discuss her journey from creating a property management company to pioneering remote professional services.
Gwenn shares her experiences, the challenges she faced transitioning from corporate America to entrepreneurship, and her innovative approach to leveraging virtual assistants for property management needs.
[00:00:00] Introduction: Welcome and introduction of Gwenn Aspen, her background in property management, and the inception of Anequim.
[00:05:22] Gwenn's Journey: Transition from corporate America to entrepreneurship.
[00:10:45] Building Anequim: Challenges and milestones in creating a remote labor solution for property management.
[00:15:30] Leveraging Virtual Assistants: How Anequim utilizes virtual assistants from Mexico to revolutionize property management tasks.
[00:20:55] Personal Growth: Gwenn shares her personal growth journey and managing emotions in leadership.
[00:25:40] Industry Impact: The impact of Anequim on the property management industry and future trends.
[00:30:15] Advice for Entrepreneurs: Gwenn's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the property management sector.
[00:35:00] Q&A with Listeners: Live Q&A session with listeners asking Gwenn about her experiences and strategies.
[00:40:25] Conclusion: Closing remarks and how to connect with Gwenn Aspen for further insights.
198: Building A Powerhouse Brand with Gwenn Aspen
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