188: Regulating Resident Experience - Transparency and Choice with Thad Tarkington

In this episode of the Profitable Property Management Podcast, host Jordan interviews guest Thad Tarkington, co-founder and CEO of Second Nature, about his experience in the property management industry over the past decade. They discuss changes Thad has observed, thoughts on regulation, the importance of transparency and choice for residents, adapting services based on property manager needs, navigating stress, and more.

Topics/Guest and Resources:
  • Guest: Thad Tarkington, Co-Founder & CEO of Second Nature
  • Industry changes over the past decade - increased professionalization, new solutions & awareness
  • Regulation - the need for transparency, accountability and resident choice
  • Tailoring resident benefits & services to solve problems for properties
  • Integrations between property management software
  • Managing stress and finding meaning in your work

Key Moments:
2:20 - Thad provides background on himself and Second Nature
14:17 - How the industry has progressed over the past decade
29:04 - Solving highly emotional resident issues like pest control
31:24 - Designing a flexible system for residents to customize services
42:34 - Jordan's view that stress comes from wanting things to be different
47:51 - Thad on finding personal fulfillment and advancing the industry

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188: Regulating Resident Experience - Transparency and Choice with Thad Tarkington
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