189: Building A Community for Growth-Minded Property Managers

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In this episode of The Profitable Property Management Podcast, host Jordan Muela has an informal discussion with Peter Lohmann and Wolf Croskey. They talk about Peter and Wolf's new venture called Crane, a community for growth-oriented property managers looking to take their businesses to the next level.

Peter Lohmann: Co-founder of Crane community, runs a sizable property management company RL Property Managment https://rlpmg.com
Wolf Croskey: Co-founder of Crane community, also an active property manager, How's My Rental, https://howsmyrental.co

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⏱️ Timestamps:
00:02:06 - Origin story of Crane community 
00:03:13 - Crane Community
00:17:28 - Finding fulfillment vs chasing scale in property management
00:27:43 - Leadership Styles with Staff
00:35:11 - Observing LeadSimple's team as an insider 
00:41:58 - Vendor Customer Relationships
00:47:57 - Property management's core issue isn't a technology problem
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189: Building A Community for Growth-Minded Property Managers
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