186: 600 Doors in a Year - The Inside Story with Yoni Schmidt

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Jordan interviews Yoni Schmidt, VP of Sales at KeyRenter Property Management, about leading sales teams and driving growth across multiple property management markets. They discuss finding and developing successful salespeople, lead generation tactics, communicating effectively with prospective clients, Yoni's ramp from 0 to 600 doors in Oklahoma City, and more.
Key Moments
The importance of understanding ROI, systems and alignment of incentives to build trust with owners (6:52)
Tactics for adding value to referral partners like real estate agents (13:44)
Guidance on ramp up time and expectations for new BDMs (20:19)
Getting an 80% response rate increase to initial outreach texts by tweaking the messaging (29:32)
Currently at 2,600 doors spread across 4 markets, with 700 doors in OKC which launched just 3 years ago (32:18)

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186: 600 Doors in a Year - The Inside Story with Yoni Schmidt
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