200: Data Driven Process Design with Daniel Craig

Welcome Closers! In the 200th episode, Jordan and special guest Daniel Craig, Chief Strategy Officer at ProfitCoach, dive into the evolution of the property management industry & discuss their journey together from inception of ProfitCoach to today.
They run it back to 2017, sharing the challenges of data standardization in property management and the development of the national benchmarking study, known as the NARPM Accounting Standards today, as well as β€œSeason 2” of ProfitCoach. The episode gets into the concepts of profit and operational performance, the significance of data-driven process design, and value creation in property management.
  • Insight generation and best practices in property management
  • Reflections on the evolution of their working relationship since 2017
  • Impact of ProfitCoach on the industry and individual growth
  • Discussions on industry benchmarks and profitability trends
Links Referenced:
ProfitCoach Pricing Survey http://pmprofitcoach.com/pricingreport
200: Data Driven Process Design with Daniel Craig
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