202: From No Money to 500 Properties: The Rosenbaum Realty Story

Welcome Closers! In this engaging episode of the Profitable Property Management Podcast. Jordan interviews Tiffany Rosenbaum, Co-Founder of Rosenbaum Realty Group. Dive into Tiffany's inspiring journey through the property management industry, from the inception of her company in the heart of Phoenix Metroplex to managing an impressive portfolio of 500 doors. Tiffany shares her passion for real estate, the critical role of property management, and the strategic expansion into short-term rentals. Explore the challenges, triumphs, and the significant impact of building a global team and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and empowerment.

[00:00:26] - Introduction of Tiffany Rosenbaum
[00:00:46] - Rosenbaum Realty Group's current business scope
[00:01:37] - What drives Tiffanyโ€™s passion for property management
[00:02:00] - The story of starting in real estate with no money
[00:04:05] - The first major client and business growth
[00:05:17] - Leadership lessons and the importance of hiring the right team
[00:06:55] - Embracing a global workforce for greater efficiency
[00:09:06] - Building a unified team culture remotely
[00:11:12] - Critical role of process management in operations
[00:14:13] - The significance of people operations in company growth
[00:19:24] - Auditing processes and compliance for continual improvement
[00:21:23] - Financial health and cash flow optimization strategies
[00:23:19] - Evolution of quality of life through business growth
[00:27:12] - Personal reflections on resilience and agency
[00:32:09] - The value of relationships and personal growth in business

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202: From No Money to 500 Properties: The Rosenbaum Realty Story
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