122: Building A People-First Culture w/ Sarah Laidler

Welcome, Closers! Today, I'm interviewing Sarah Laidler, Designated Broker at Accolade Properties.

Sarah is the definition of 'big fish, small pond'. We dive into the complexities of being an active owner and viewing your team as family. Explore the importance of embracing your business from the inside out and that failure is just a stepping stone. Communication comes in many forms, and finding what works for you and your clients can make all the difference.

"We judge other people based on their actions, but then we judge ourselves based on our intentions." - Sarah Laidler

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- Sarah on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sarah.laidler.5

- Accolade Properties: https://www.accolade-properties.com 
122: Building A People-First Culture w/ Sarah Laidler
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