92: Your Leads are Not Your Growth Strategy

Today, Jordan unpacks why your growth strategy is way bigger than where you get your leads from.

Topics covered:

(01:00): Are leads for growth strategy?

(02:15): What makes the growth wheel turn?

(03:45): Review’s have a direct relationship to the customer?

(04:35): Are you married to your concept?

(05:20): What are you doing for your brand and is it clear to the customer?

(06:45): Communication marketing strategy?

(10:05): What marketing entails?

(12:10): What is your legion strategy?

(14:15): What is your cost per sign contract?

(15:18): Are you able to hit target sales?

(16:14): How do you calculate conversion rate?

(18:50): Operationalize your sales function ?

(20:08): Respect the finance function?

(28:13): Different ways to prospecting?

(29:17): Closing statement

92: Your Leads are Not Your Growth Strategy
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