175: The State of Venture Capital In Property Management

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In this episode, Jordan provides an in-depth analysis of mergers, acquisitions, and venture capital in the property management industry. He discusses the recent cycle of rollups and outside capital entering the space, explaining why standardizing complex property management operations has proven difficult. Jordan contrasts the venture capital versus value investing mindsets, arguing that cashflow-focused deals often fare better than those emphasizing big revenue promises. He also highlights the knowledge asymmetry that exists between experienced property managers and outside capital pursing deals in the space.

Key Moments:
  • The recent cycle of capital and rollups in property management 
  • The challenges of standardizing complex operations across different property types
  • Why venture capital has struggled to generate standout returns in residential property management 
  • The difference between cashflow valuation versus revenue multiples 
  • The knowledge asymmetry between seasoned property managers and outside capital 

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175: The State of Venture Capital In Property Management
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