171: Agency Over Everything

Welcome Closers, 
In this solo episode, Jordan Muela dives into the critical concept of personal agency - the power each of us has to influence outcomes and events through our choices and actions. He explores how adopting a high agency mindset is key to achieving goals, overcoming obstacles, and creating the life you want.
Topics Discussed: 
  • The difference between feeling you have agency vs. feeling like things are happening to you (00:00:45 - 00:01:42)
  • Why believing you have agency is a choice and mental "exercise" (00:01:44 - 00:02:13)
  • Where lack of agency shows up: conversations with team members, complaining vs solving problems (00:02:13 - 00:04:19)
  • The importance of curiosity not judgment when faced with low agency attitudes (00:04:19 - 00:05:27)
  • You always have a choice - even if it's difficult or painful in the moment (00:05:27 - 00:07:27)
  • Getting clear on your vision to justify the price of agency (00:07:27 - 00:08:18)
  • Daily practice of flexing your agency "muscle" (00:08:18 - 00:09:36)

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171: Agency Over Everything
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