154: Resiliency at its Finest w/ Stacey Salyer

Welcome, Closers! Today, I'm interviewing Stacey Salyer Director of Corporate Development at PURE Property Management.

Stacey Salyer is a Boss. She knows what it means to work hard for what she wants and not let anything get in her way. She shares her viewpoints on remote workers and the importance of creating a strong and supported workforce.

Her story is inspirational and shows us that what we see on the outside is only surface deep. So sit back, listen and learn from one of the best in the business.

"I think it's really important that when you're creating a team, you look at the positions and fill it with the most talented people." - Stacey Salyer

Stacey Salyer's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stacey-salyer-39254012/

Check out PURE: https://www.purepm.co/

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154: Resiliency at its Finest w/ Stacey Salyer
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