148: Keeping it Chill w/ Chuck Kelley

Welcome, Closers! Today, I'm interviewing Chuck Kelley, Founder and Broker Owner at Eclipse Property Management.

If there's one word to describe Chuck Kelley it would be passionate. He's passionate about his business, his employees and his community.

Listen in as he talks through his journey in discovering that passion and how it was a huge game changer when it came to his business. From discovering the power of remote workers to respecting the space everyone needs to succeed,

There's nothing but gems in this one!

"I think what determines how successful a remote team member can be is based on how much you include them." - Chuck Kelley

Chuck Kelley's FB: https://www.facebook.com/ckelley27

Eclipse Property Management website: https://renteclipse.com/

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148: Keeping it Chill w/ Chuck Kelley
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