143: No End In Sight w/ Matthew Whitaker + Duke Dodson

Welcome, Closers! Today, I'm interviewing Matthew Whitaker, founder and CEO of Evernest and Duke Dodson, CEO of The Dodson Companies, Board Member at Evernest and Atrium Management.

Incase the merger between The Dodson Companies and Evernest hasn't been on your radar, then this is the one for you. Duke and Matthew give us an inside look into the nitty gritty of merging companies as well as flash back to the early days of each company.

They touch on their struggles and what they needed to overcome in order to succeed personally and professionally. This one is full of golden nuggets and vulnerability, listen in and take a peek behind the curtain.

"Things are happening at a rate way faster than we ever thought possible." - Matthew Whitaker + Duke Dodson

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143: No End In Sight w/ Matthew Whitaker + Duke Dodson
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