Ep. 139: Success Through Sacrifice w/ Mat Zalk

Welcome, Closers! Today, I'm interviewing Mat Zalk President and Property Manager at Keyrenter Tulsa.

One thing about the property management world that is so special, is the amount of shared knowledge and the relationships you build with other vendors and companies in the space. 

Even competing companies make friends. It's a world where everyone can relate on the sacrifices that needed to be made and all of the intricacies needed to survive.

Mat Zalk talks about the importance of vendor relations and how by nurturing those relationships you're nurturing your own business.

  • "Your vendor network is your life blood. Treat them well and they will do the same to you." - Mat Zalk 
  • Mat on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mat-zalk-b140b12a/ 
  • Keyrenter Tulsa: https://keyrentertulsa.com/ 

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Ep. 139: Success Through Sacrifice w/ Mat Zalk
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