90: Short Term Property Rental with Alex Nigg

Today I’m interviewing Alex Nigg of Properly. Properly is a company dedicated to providing the tools and people necessary for short term rental property management. Today we’ll discuss all things short term rental. From how technicians are managed from a distance to integrating “smart tech” with the properties.
(0:25) – Introduction

(1:05) – What is Properly?

(1:50) – How is the Short Term Rental Space Changing?

(3:20) – What Percent of Short Term Rentals are Professionally Managed?

(5:00) – What is Properly Doing Different in the Market?

(7:35) – Why is Properly More Qualified to Take Care of Quality Assurance?

(8:50) – What Does Properly Look Like Today?

(9:20) – How Often Does a Maintenance Event Occur?

(11:40) – How is Coordinating the Handyman Different From the Home Cleaner?

(13:10) – How to Confirm the Quality of a Technician’s Job?

(14:15) – Do Jobs Tend to Happen with the Guest Present?

(14:35) – How are the Technicians Managed?

(18:30) – How Does Alex Filter out Technicians?

(19:40) – Will the Same Processes Work on Long Term Rentals?

(20:25) – Does Properly Integrate with Other Softwares?

(22:20) – What “Smart Tech” is Being Used in Properly’s System?

(24:45) – How Do Property Management Companies Justify Outsourcing Such a Key Aspect of Their Business?

(25:50) – Was There Push Back From Property Management Companies Not Wanting to Share Vendors?

(29:20) – How Did Alex Start in a Two Sided Marketplace?

(31:30) -Geographically What has Guided Properly to Certain Markets?

(34:00) – What is Properly’s Pricing Strategy?

(36:40) – Are Entrepreneurs Born or Bred?

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90: Short Term Property Rental with Alex Nigg
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